Christopher M Dunsford

My Projects

I am unable to show my top projects as they are proprietary code owned by my former employer, OpenText. I am; however, able to show some small projects that I have been working on. I consider these small projects as playtime in order to sharpen my skillset in areas such as CSS Grids, CSS Flexbox, javascript, and more.

The Christopher Dunsford Portfolio Site Picture of Christopher's portfolio site

You are currently visiting one of my latest projects. This site serves as my portfolio site to not only serve as a way for you to contact me but also is a way for me to showcase my skills. This site uses vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There is a bit of AJAX and also some animations using both CSS and Javascript. I use CSS grids for page layouts. I use CSS flexboxes for content layout. I call out with a social media Javascript link to link my LinkedIn page.

Tea Cozy Picture of Tea Cozy site

Tea Cozy is a project that all CodeCademy ( students in the Web Development or Full Stack Development track must code. The main idea is to work with page layout using css Flexbox. I did so and I also incorporated responsive design patterns such as using media queries to make the site mobile friendly.

Stuffed Animal Task List Picture of Stuffed Animal Site

This site is a simple one. I used it to work on the CSS grid technique. There is no functionality incorporated. The idea is from Code Cademy (

Christopher Dunsford